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Fedora Core 4 - Upgrade to kernel 2.6.20

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# cd /usr/src/
# wget
# tar -jxvf linux-2.6.20.tar.bz2
# ln -sfn linux-2.6.20 linux
# cd linux
# make mrproper
# cp /boot/config-$(uname -r)  .config
# make menuconfig

    1- Load an Alternate Configuration File

    2- Processor type and features  --->
            Processor family (Pentium-Pro)  --->
                    (X) Pentium-4/Celeron(P4-based)/Pentium-4 M/older Xeon

    3-  Networking  --->
            Networking options  ---> 
                    [*] Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)  --->
                            Core Netfilter Configuration  ---> 
                                     Netfilter netlink interface
                                       Netfilter NFQUEUE over NFNETLINK interface
                                       Netfilter LOG over NFNETLINK interface
                                     Netfilter connection tracking support
                                            Netfilter connection tracking support (Layer 3 Independent Connection tracking)  --->
                                    [*] Connection tracking flow accounting
                                    [*] Connection mark tracking support
                                    [*] Connection tracking security mark support
                                    [*] Connection tracking events (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     SCTP protocol connection tracking support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     Amanda backup protocol support
                                     FTP protocol support
                                     H.323 protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     IRC protocol support
                                     NetBIOS name service protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     PPtP protocol support
                                     SIP protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     TFTP protocol support
                                     Connection tracking netlink interface (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     Netfilter Xtables support (required for ip_tables)
                                       "CLASSIFY" target support
                                       "MARK" target support
                                       "NFQUEUE" target Support
                                       "NFLOG" target support
                                       "SECMARK" target support
                                       "CONNSECMARK" target support
                                       "comment" match support
                                       "connbytes" per-connection counter match support
                                       "connmark" connection mark match support
                                       "conntrack" connection tracking match support
                                       "DCCP" protocol match support
                                       "DSCP" match support
                                       "ESP" match support
                                       "helper" match support
                                       "length" match support
                                       "limit" match support
                                       "mac" address match support
                                       "mark" match support
                                       IPsec "policy" match support
                                       Multiple port match support
                                       "physdev" match support
                                       "pkttype" packet type match support
                                       "quota" match support
                                       "realm" match support
                                       "sctp" protocol match support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                       "state" match support
                                       "statistic" match support
                                       "string" match support
                                       "tcpmss" match support
                                       "hashlimit" match support
                            IP: Netfilter Configuration  ---> 
                                     IPv4 connection tracking support (required for NAT)
                                    [*]   proc/sysctl compatibility with old connection tracking (NEW)
                                     IP Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE)
                                     IP tables support (required for filtering/masq/NAT)
                                       IP range match support
                                       TOS match support
                                       recent match support
                                       ECN match support
                                       AH match support
                                       TTL match support
                                       Owner match support
                                       address type match support
                                       Packet filtering
                                         REJECT target support
                                       LOG target support
                                       ULOG target support
                                       TCPMSS target support
                                       Full NAT
                                     MASQUERADE target support
                                     REDIRECT target support
                                     NETMAP target support
                                     SAME target support
                                     Basic SNMP-ALG support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     Packet mangling
                                       TOS target support
                                       ECN target support
                                       TTL target support
                                       CLUSTERIP target support (EXPERIMENTAL)
                                     raw table support (required for NOTRACK/TRACE)
                                     ARP tables support
                                       ARP packet filtering
                                       ARP payload mangling
    4-  File systems  --->
            <*> Second extended fs support
            <*> Ext3 journalling file system support
            <*> Reiserfs support 
            <*> JFS filesystem support 
            <*> XFS filesystem support

# make all && make modules_install && make install
# reboot

    ( choose "Fedora Core (2.6.20)" manually and test new kernel )

# vi /etc/grub.conf

BY: Pejman Moghadam
TAG: kernel
DATE: 2007-07-11 16:32:36

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